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On-The-Job Training Department 23/02/2023

Developing and Strengthening On the Job Training Program

UTAS Ibra organized a workshop on Developing and Strengthening On-the-Job Training (DeSOT 23) on Feb 21, 2023 in the College Main Hall.

The main purpose of this workshop is developing and strengthening the On the Job program appropriate to each specialization at Private /Government Sectors. As well as enhance our trainees’ skills and match their academic knowledge with the training programs, by eventually establishing a strong relationship between the college and the organizations in order to achieve human resource development and serve the nation.

The workshop was attended from various companies all over Oman by Heads of Human Resource Department, Heads of Recruitment Department, Heads of Training Department and OJT Supervisors from Private /Government Sectors. Also, the participants included all Assistant dean’s, head of departments, all OJT training coordinators and assessors of academic departments of UTAS Ibra.

The meeting aims to develop and improve the on-site training programs, the meeting also aims to receive feedback from sectors regarding on-site training and challenges and difficulties they face around training. The participants were involved in discussion and deliberations to better equip the technologies used in the industry so that the UTAS Ibra graduates will meet the improved expectations of various stakeholders.

The workshop has provided an environment that is open for discussion, sharing of ideas and best practices and for gathering feedbacks on Student training, program and institution and industry linkage. The workshop has provided valuable information that will be used to improve the training process, programs offered and linkage between UTAS and the external stakeholders.

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