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Industry and Community Engagement 04/02/2022

Engineering Bachelor Students Trip to Oman Electricity Transmission Company

The industry and community Engagement committee organized an industrial visit to Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) for the Bachelor and advanced diploma Engineering students on 20.03.2023.

The aim of the visit is to impart practical knowledge to the students in the field of the power grid, transmission, and distribution. Totally 10 students visited the OETC Ibra grid station from Engineering Department. Mr.V.Loganathan, Lecturer, Engineering Department, accompanied the students during their visit.

The students learned how the high-voltage electricity is received and stepped down from 132 KV to 33 KV by a step-down transformer during the visit. They also visited the gas-insulated switchgear in the indoor substation. The distributed control system and data monitoring was learned by the students. They also visited the battery storage facility and the communication devices used for information exchange. The substation which steps down 33 KV supply to 415 V supply is also a part of their visit.

Apart from these, they also learned about the functions of various types of relays and circuit breakers. Additionally, they also visited the firefighting equipment and facilities in the power grid station. This enhanced the understanding of what they have studied in their course. The students find the visit useful for improving their technical knowledge.

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