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ICEC 19/12/2022

Engineering Bachelor Students Industrial trip to Oman Telecommunication company Muscat

The industry and community engagement committee organized an educational field trip at the Oman Telecommunications Company Muscat on 05-12-2022 for Bachelor Electronics & Telecom students to enhance their technical knowledge in the Subject (EETE4212) Telecommunication networks.

The purpose of the visit is to gain practical knowledge on the different aspects of the subject telecommunication network. Mr. Nasser al Busaidi, Superintendent Planning for training at Oman Telecommunications Company welcomed the group and gave an orientation about the operation of the telecom center, also gave a detailed lecture on the architecture and working mechanism of Exchanges with detailed technical specifications with the tower Antenna specifications, and advanced signal processing unit of the control station.

He concluded with the necessity of 5G and the significance of last-mile technologies. This visit exhibited a wide distinctive experience for all the participating students and increased their interest in further study in the Telecommunication network concepts. Students had shown greater enthusiasm in learning the technical aspects and mechanism of Exchanges.

This visit was organized and facilitated by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim (ICEC coordinator) in coordination with Ms. Khaloud Khalid Obaid Al Jassasi Assistant Specialist Professional Learning. Students have shown good responses in learning new things in their careers.

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