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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 18/12/2022

Community outreach program on Basic simulation technique for advanced wireless communication network using OPNET modeler

Industry and community engagement committee encourages many training programs in coordination with the academic departments to support the Omani society based on the labor market requirements.

“Basic simulation technique for advanced wireless communication network using OPNET modeler” was one among a workshop made on December 13, 2022 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim at EE102.

The attendees were form different workplace such as Omantel, Ministry of education, UTAS Ibra Alumni and Bachelor students of us. This event helped those 16 participants to acquire knowledge about a software tool “OPNET” for Infrastructure and infrastructure less network.

This session also described the Features of Riverbed modeler with the hierarchical architecture of modeling and Graphical user interface and animation. The tutor enlightens the audience with the strategy for the planning of different Network design and modeling. They also highlighted the Simulation and results for improvement planning and network parameters evaluation using OPNET.

Participants were also given experience to design network like LAN,WAN,MANET and VANET using OPNET modeler, there by acquiring knowledge about various topologies, working with Riverbed software. This event is facilitated by Mr. Ayaz, technician.

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