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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 10/11/2022

Community Outreach Program on Role of Digital Systems in our Life and Steps to Design

The Industry and community engagement committee has organized one-day outreach program titled “Role of Digital Systems in our Life and Steps to Design” conducted on 8th November 2022 from 12 to 2 PM in MS-team.

Dr Hasin Alam Lecturer-Engg was the facilitator for the event. The attendees were staff from the public and private sectors. All the participants who attended the program were involved and showed shown their interest during the session.

The session started with an introduction by Mr.Mohd syed Ibrahim, the ICEC coordinator. The webinar covered majorly two things first the importance of digital systems in our life and second the process of designing a typical digital system.

The attractive slides were used to show the use of digital systems in every sphere of our life and how they make our life sophisticated especially in the fields of communication, education, industries, healthcare, transportation, etc.

Overall the event covered the basic concept of a digital system, the advantages of a digital system over an analog system, the basic elements of a digital system, types of digital system design, and a real-life example that was used to show the steps of designing a digital system. In the end, queries have been taken from the audience.

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