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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 18/12/2022

Community Outreach Program on Training on use of Electronics Equipment and Instruments

The industry and community engagement committee has organized a workshop in entitled “Network cables installation & troubleshooting”.

20 community persons have registered online for this community program. Out of 20, 5 persons attended the offered program. The program was useful and well accepted by these attendees. The program have been conducted On Campus using different electronics equipment’s and instruments in EE101 laboratory.

This event was planned on 17-11-2022 from 10AM -12PM. The attendees have attended session and got the information and knowledge about “Training on use of electronics equipment & Instruments”. Mr. Mohammed Gulam Wahid, Technical Instructor was the facilitator for the event. The attendees were form different workplace such as UTAS Staff & old Alumni students.

All the participants who attended the program were involved and showed their interest & learning during the sessions. The training is planned in such a way that students will get the complete idea about the equipment’s and instruments used with different electronic circuits like basic electronics circuits , communication circuits , digital electronic circuits.

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