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Industry and Community Engagement Committee Posted: 28/10/2022 09:34:05 AM

Community Outreach Program on Workplace Mindfulness

The Industry and community engagement committee conducts various workshops, seminars, and training programs for enhancing the knowledge of the local community and to keep them in touch with the recent trends in technology.

The Workshop titled as Workplace Mindfulness. This workshop was conducted by Ms.Jasmine Mariappan & Ms.Indu Unnikrishnan,lecturers Business department on 19.10.2022 in BS 112, six students from various public and private sectors attended the workshop. The aim of this workshop was to give insights to the employees who practice mindfulness to gain mental agility, resilience, and self-awareness because of having the freedom and permission to think and be present.

In addition, this workshop can promote compassion and understanding development, decrease emotional exhaustion, and expand openness to new ideas.

The attendees shared their workplace mindfulness with everyone. The session went on well with lots of discussion and fun sharing knowledge with each other.

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