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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 24/10/2022

Community Outreach Workshop on Basic Drafting Skills using AutoCAD

The industry and community engagement committee organized and conducted a workshop on basic drafting skills using AutoCAD for the community on 18.10.2022 at the AutoCAD lab from 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. in the department of Engineering of the University’s Ibra branch.

The workshop provided an environment for the participants to gain a better understanding of using AutoCAD for real-time applications. This training program enhanced the practical knowledge of all participants and increased their self-interests toward further study as a self-learner for future development.

The training program covered topics that included the basic commands in AutoCAD 2D drafting and annotations. Also covered how to convert a 2D to 3D using different commands like extrude, solid union, solid subtract, and finally how to gain ideas on 3D modeling.

This workshop was facilitated by, Mr. Vicknesh Kumar Y Lecturer in Mechanical Section, assisted by Mr. Sanoob S N Technical staff. The participants were well engaged and interactive also they were supported by ETC department to download their E certificate at the end of the session.

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