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College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) 08 April 2024

Industry Visit to Omantel

The Department of Business Studies organized an industrial visit to Omantel Headquarters in Muscat on 11th March 2024 for its HR students studying Talent Management & HR Counseling and Mentoring courses.

The visit provided the students with an opportunity to see theoretical concepts in action. The students had a chance to visit the different departments of the company which provided them with deeper insights into the firm’s processes and operations. In addition, the students were detailed on the different Talent Management practices and HR counseling and mentoring mechanisms of the company. Thirty-three students from HR specialization participated in the visit and they had a dynamic and engaging learning experience and exposure to the latest developments in their field of study. The students were accompanied by Dr. Reshma D’sa & Dr. Ananth Anthonisamy.

The Q & A session that students had with the officials at Omantel provided them the needed practical exposure, industry insights and the chance to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

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