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College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) 15 November 2023

Innovative Business Idea 2023

To anchor its identity as a technological institution that strongly supports and promotes the graduate attributes of entrepreneurial skills, creativity and innovation and lifelong learning, the Business Department of UTAS-Ibra organized a webinar on “Innovative Business Idea” on November 14, 2023, at 12:00 PM through MS Teams.

Prof. Harrison T. Villanueva, CPME, Ph.D. delivered an insightful presentation about entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. His lecture centered on the creative process i.e., inspiration, ideation, incubation, and implementation. “Inspiration is finding the creative objective and ideation is generating new ideas, these two are the most challenging parts of the creative process”, he said. He also highlighted the importance of incubation, testing and refining the idea and implementation, finalizing, and launching the idea into a successful business opportunity. He concluded the event with a discussion on the SCAMPER technique to innovate business ideas.

Ms. Noor Mohammed Aamir Salim Al Maskari, entrepreneurship student, opened the session by welcoming the participants and introducing the guest lecturer. The session ended with a message of gratitude from Dr. Habiba Mohammed Said Al-Mughairi, HOD Business Department.

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