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College of Engineering and Technology 15 November 2023

Finite Element Method Student Training

A 4-week student training program for Bachelor students is organized by the staff of the Mechanical section of the Engineering department on the topic of the Finite Element Method to expose the student community to advanced technology in the field of mechanical engineering and to enhance their skills to face the competitive environments of the industrial market.

The week 1 training program was conducted on 14.11.2023. The resource persons were Dr. Abdullah Adiem Khalid Al-Maskari, Dr. Syed Mohammad Saad, Mr. Vicknesh Kumar Yogamadhavan, and Mr. Mohammed Saif Said Al Rashdi. The basics and the concept of FEM were familiarized by Dr. Abdullah Adiem Khalid Al-Maskari to the students.

Dr. Abdullah also stressed the importance and necessity of FEM in the field of Engineering, especially in Mechanical Engineering. The various applications of FEM in the different fields of engineering were discussed by Dr. Syed Mohammad Saad in detail.

The historical background, the step-by-step procedure of FEM, methods of analysis of Engineering problems, and the various stages involved in FEA were explained by Mr. Vicknesh Kumar Yogamadhavan. The concept of discretization was elaborated by Mr. Mohammed Saif Said Al Rashdi. He introduced the various types of elements and the concepts of introducing nodal points, choosing the element size and number of elements during the discretization process to the students. The Bachelor students of Mechanical Engineering students have actively participated in this training program.

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