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College of Engineering and Technology 28 November 2023

UTAS Ibra Server Room Visit By Diploma Electronics and Telecom Students

UTAS Ibra, Engineering department improves students’ practical skills through continuous training, Industrial visits and hands on experiences in their respective field apart from regular course work. In this connection, to enhance the hands on experience skills in network cables installation LAN & WAN connectivity for Diploma Electronics & Telecom students on November 15, 2023 in Server Room UTAS Ibra.

The Server Room visit program mainly focused to give the practice for our students to understand about telecom network like LAN & WAN system. During the student visit to the server room, the students had the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about the inner workings of a critical component of modern technology infrastructure. They were introduced to the server room's role in managing and storing data, supporting network infrastructure, and ensuring uninterrupted operation of IT systems.

The students familiarized themselves with the various equipment present, including servers, network switches, routers, cooling systems, and cabling infrastructure. They learned about the importance of regular maintenance, temperature control, backup systems, and physical security measures in maintaining the integrity and availability of data. Additionally, the students gained insights into data center design considerations such as redundancy, scalability, fault-tolerance, and energy efficiency.

The visit provided an invaluable opportunity for the students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, giving them a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in managing a server room. This visit covered the wide spectrum of practical knowledge for all participated students (8students) and increased their self-interests towards further study in the Telecommunication network & use of different types of cables like copper & Fiber cable installation skills concepts as a self-learner for future development. The Visit was arranged by ETC Department. We would like to thanks to HOC & Majid Sultan Mohammed Al Noumani ETC Technician.

The industrial visit was facilitated by Khalid Salim Abdullah Al Harthi & Mohammed Gulam Wahid.

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