Quality Assurance Synopsis


  • Quality, according to the Oxford Dictionary is "the standard of goodness".
  • Quality Assessment, the mechanism or procedures used to determine the extent to which quality exists.
  • Quality Assurance can be defined as "the use of a monitoring system to measure performance against quality standard".

Philosophies of Quality Assurance

  • Standards based: Does institution/program meet specified external expectations?
  • Supports consistency & comparability
  • Fitness for purpose: Is what the institution/program is doing appropriate to its own stated objectives?
  • Supports diversity

Quality Audit

A systematic and independent examination to determine whether activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives." (Aust/NZ Standard 1994: the underlined is AUQA emphasis)

ADRI Audit Approach

A systematic, independent determination whether:

  • An organisation’s planned arrangements are suitable to achieve its goals (i.e. check the overall approach).
  • Actual practice conforms to the planned arrangements (i.e. the deployment).
  • The arrangements achieve the desired results.
  • The organisation is learning and improving from its self-evaluation of its approach, deployment and results.
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