The Office of the Student Affairs provides all the Support Services needed by the students as new intakes up to graduation. The office will ensure that students will receive the proper support needed in order to succeed in their chosen fields of expertise and become future professionals and contribute to national socio-economic development of the Sultanate.

Student Affairs office is responsible for several matters and tasks, which concerned with students in the college such as:

  • Admission and Registration of new students and following up status of all the students registered in the college departments.
  • Providing Hostel for girls with recreation facilities.
  • Coordinating with the activities committees in the college to carry out the students non-academic activities.
  • Following up students problems, difficulties, and breaches coordinating with the investigation and penalty committees in the college.
  • Following up the medical status of students.
  • Preparation and updating students statistics.
  • Filling and keeping students profiles, and updating them.

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CV Writing and Effective Interview Techniques Workshop On the Job Training Department Organized Training Orientation program with CV writing workshop on 20-12-22 at ELC hall between 12 nn and 2 pm. OJT Department 2022-2023 I
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