Counseling and Graduates Follow-up

Student Counseling helps students to adapt to college life by:

  • Offering counseling sessions for students who face any kind of difficulties in adjusting to college life particularly emotional, psycological and social matters.
  • Conducting guidance lectures for students in order to enhance their personal skills and eventually helping them to adapt to college life and continuing their studies smoothly. These programs cover issues such as: orgranizing and setting goals, time management skills, prositive behavior and enhancing their inner motivation.

UTAS-Ibra believes that it is imperative that all students have ready access to full and helpful academic advice at all times. It therefore operates a system under which academic advisors guide students in regard to the diet of the courses that should follow in any given semester.

Students are also be advised about terms such as ‘probation’, ‘transfer’, ‘dismissal’, ‘withdrawal’ and ‘postponement’ and their meaning in practice.

Student’s guardian will be responsible for the student’s actions and will cooperate with the ICT in directing and improving his/ her study, behavior and attendance. A student who is transferred from a University, College or other higher educational institution may be accepted, if the UTAS-Ibra Council considers that the level corresponds to the semester the student would be placed in. A transferred student will not be awarded any certificate unless he/ she successfully studies and completed at least 50% of the requirements of the level of that qualification in UTAS-Ibra. A student obtaining D or F grade in a course for the first time may repeat that course to get a better grade. Accordingly, his/ her old grade will be replaced by the new grade, irrespective of the latter being lower or higher.

Regarding UTAS-Ibra student’s policies to classes on time, being absent from classes, fulfilling the training requirements in private or public sector organizations, safeguarding all college property and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the college.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Fathiya Hamood Al Salmi

Head of Department
25587-961 ext 961

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