Medical Services

Medical Services for Students

College clinic supplies students with basic medical treatment during emergency. Students' official sick leaves, rest or treatments in specialized hospitals should be based on the college clinic's recommendation.

Treatment and Medication

Students and staff members who need first-aid treatment and medication are given medical services in the clinic by the college nurses. Upon presentation of the college ID, the nurse gets the student's vital signs (TPR, BP, RBS if necessary) and conduct interviews about the medical history of patient and their family.

If the sickness is just mild to moderate the clinic gives medicines. We nurses explain the dose, indications and reactions of the medicines given. Students' records will be maintained by the clinic for future references.

Follow-up will also be made. We provide immediate nursing care. if needed cases we give them observation in clinic. In case of severe cases the students are given referral form and they are advised to go to the hospital.


For severe cases where it is important to refer students to the hospital, the following procedures are observed:

  • Preparing the form approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
  • After approval, the student is escorted by the nurses to the hospital.
  • Upon advice by the attending physician, the student is advised to go home after treatment in the hospital and the nurse will inform the parent of the student and make a follow up on the health status or condition of the student.

In case of medical emergencies, please contact the nurses on duty:

Ms. Rukaya Khalfan Mohammed Al-Brashdi
Ms. Raya Mohammed Sulieman Al-Syabi
25587-811 ext 811

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